The Juice Standard

Walk into the Juice Standard and you’ll be greeted by a group of friendly juice nerds. Thats right, juice nerds. Everyone that works here is so passionate and well educated about their products that it’s inspiring.

You walk in because you’re interested in getting a juice, and you can’t help but notice all these beautiful colors of soft pink, pale yellow, forest green, maroon, sea foam blue, cream, and cafe brown. There are so many different colors of juice! Like a rainbow, it’s stunning. But it’s your first time here so which one do you choose?


You don’t have to worrry because every person that works at The Juice Standard learns the ins and outs of all their juices and are more than happy to give you a complete tasting. They want you to make sure that you get the benefits that your body needs, but most importantly, they want you enjoy the juice that you choose.

The district manager, Amber Cariker, giving a juice tasting. She is always this excited about her juice!

Whether you’re a juicing expert or this is your very first juicing experience, there is an all-natural, organic, cold pressed juice or nut milk out there for you. And if you’re wondering how can it be all natural even if its blue, it is. All of the colors that you’ll see come straight from the Earth whether it be from a fruit, a vegetable, a nut, a spice, or even a blue-green superfood algea called spirulina as in their Bee Excellent nut milk.

Fresh, made to order avocado toast with granola, dried cranberries and honey

And if you’re craving more than just juice, grab one of their nutrient packed, all natural snacks like one of their avocado toasts, their dried banana strips with cashew butter, or their vegan blueberry cheesecake. Health nut or not, these treats are delicious, you’re taste buds and you’re body will be happy. Healthy can mean delicious and if you don’t believe me, let me know, and I will take you there myself.

For more info about The Juice Standard way of life, their organic, cold-pressed juices, and their other healthy treats, visit their website at

Las Vegas Kettle Corn

You reach your hand into a bag of kettle corn and throw one kernel into your mouth. It’s so good. You grab a few more and toss them all into your mouth. You can’t stop. it’s addicting. It’s careless, its crunchy, it’s light, it’s the perfect snack to grab when you’re in the mood for something fun to eat. Las Vegas Kettle Corn makes over 30 flavors of sweet, salty, savory and even spicy kettle corn each one just as addicting as the next.

And if it can’t get any better, they make fresh lemonade to go with your kettle corn. Their lemonade is not just any lemonade. They have a lemon smasher (the name is pretty obvious but if you don’t know what it is make sure you watch the video), then they mix the juice with some sugar, cold water, and they shake their concoction into the best lemonade…ever! If you dont believe me, you need to go and try it for yourself. They have 12 different flavors like raspberry, strawberry, mango, peach, watermelon to name a few and you can mix the flavors as well. After being quite intrigued at there being a coconut flavored option because I didn’t think the two flavors went well with each other, it is now my favorite.

Las Vegas Kettle Corn is centrally located inside the Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas. They offer the perfect combo of fun treats for everybody from toddlers and teenagers all the way up to seniors to enjoy. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, grab a few bags of kettle corn and a few flavors of lemonade to share with the whole family.

Keep an eye out for their stand at the local farmer’s markets. For more info, visit their website at

Elía Authentic Greek Taverna

For our second spot, we decided to go to Elía Authentic Greek Taverna. This was really exciting for me because I have been waiting with much anticipation for this restaurant to open. The owners, or the three amigos (treis filoi in Greek) as I like to call them, were once my comrades and therefore I am so proud of them for giving their blood, sweat, and tears to open a restaurant they can call their own.

I’ll start off by saying the food was amazing! There were no heavy sauces to cover up their food. Olive oil, lemon, and salt were on most everything, leaving the true ingredients of the dish to represent itself.

Some of my favorites included:

Calamari – So tender, lightly coated with batter and perfectly seasoned that it’s served with only a lemon wedge. You wouldn’t want to cover up the flavors of this dish with a sauce.


Pantzaria – Red and golden beets served ontop of dandilion and topped with their homemade scordalia dip(potato puree, garlic, olive oil and salt). A combination of earthy and sweet and the fresh garlic blend beautifully together. I’m drooling thinking about it!

Garidomakaronada (I can’t pronounce this)- Jumbo shrimp served over spaghetti noodles in a light tomato sauce, sautéed onions and sprinkled with feta cheese. As simple as it sounds, it’s bursting with flavor.

Roasted feta – Unique to Elía, a tasty warm dish to share with friends as you begin your dinner. A spicy oven baked block of feta cheese is served over two slices of tomato and jalepenos and is presented on a hot skillet.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the food so a few days after filming, I came back for dinner. Mostly because I was craving the food, but as well because I needed to share this experience with my family. It was everything you’d expect from a Greek restaurant. Everyone was laughing, chatting, having a good time, so even though there are only about 10 tables in the restaurant, It didn’t feel stiff or awkward.

Elía is a great addition to our local restaurant scene bringing back comfortable and down-to-earth restaurants. A place where you can enjoy a high quality meal, with middle of the road prices, and with out feeling like you have to wear fancy clothes to get a good meal.

For more info, visit their website at


Project BBQ Downtown

Hi everyone! So for our first spot we are visiting Downtown or “old town” Las Vegas. This part of the city is very much touristy but a place where local business play a big part and therefore you’ll see this mix of energy, lifestyle, and people that you can’t get anywhere else in the city. Since the Downtown Project began in 2012 small local businesses started popping up everywhere.   

Today we are checking out Project BBQ on Fremont Street. Project BBQ is a food truck that found its home in an alley way and made itself comfortable with its clientele graffiti wall, hanging patio lights, and synthetic grass to make you feel like you’re in a backyard barbecue.

The menu is quite simple. There are only 5 items and usually an item on special. They offer three different kinds of meats – chicken, brisket and pulled pork for 3 different kinds of french roll sandwiches topped with coleslaw, and two different preparations of their homemade potato chips. Its perfect for an afternoon meal or a late night snack to compliment your day of drinking.

Chef Rex’s signature dish would be the “Garbage Bowl,” a creation where every ingredient is put together to make the most amazing blend of flavors to get your barbecue fix. Think of it kind of like a BBQ version of nachos. You’ll get a hand load size of their chips covered with generous portions of all three of their meats. It is then drizzled with their tangy North Carolina style BBQ sauce, a beer and cheese sauce, then topped with coleslaw, and to finish, their apple-wood smoked bacon. It’s messy so eat it with a fork or for those that like to get down and dirty, eat it with your hands. One thing’s for sure, you gotta try it!

Project BBQ is located at 20 Fremont Street, Las Vegas 89101 in the pedestrian only portion of Downtown. The best way to to get there is to take the bus, cab or ride share to drop you off on Las Vegas Blvd and Fremont Street so you can enjoy all the sights and sounds of the Fremont Street Experience on a leisurely six minute walk. If your looking for more of a direct route, the best stop would be Fremont and Main Street at the Plaza Hotel and it’ll be just across the road.

They are open from 11 am to 2 am daily. Pairs best with a beer in your hand.  The best time to visit is in the evening so you can also enjoy the light show and the live music.

For more info, visit their facebook page at Project BBQ LV